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You 8767 re so right. If things keep going the way they did yesterday then we 8767 ll have NO guys smh. And I realized that not all black women should date IR. Like you said. I never thought that before but I certainly do now. Dating is hard enough without adding these women poisoning our supply making even harder for us black women that are still single. But that whole display was just disgusting and disappointing. I thought we were all beyond that at this point.

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And what I also find sad is the fact that he NEVER even specifically said he wants a black woman. But everyone jumped to conclusions like they just knew what he wants smh. Aren 8767 t we always talking about how we as black women HATE when anyone jumps to conclusions about us but we are super quick to do it to others. How wrong is that? Sure it is a valid concern to have. For me though I don 8767 t see an older man wanting me just for sex any different than a man my age age wanting me for sex. Same thing with race. Black or white they want to use me for the same thing and I need to be aware of that. I don 8767 t see how black women are going to be open to other races of men when we seem to be so distrustful of them too.


Because of all this, my mom started her rhetoric early.  8775 Don 8767 t ever bring a White boy into this house. 8776   8775 You will be disowned if you ever get with a White man. 8776   As a kid, I didn 8767 t get it so never questioned it but, by the time I was in high school, yeah, I questioned it.  I already knew my preference and, frankly, since I was a military brat and lived all over the world, I questioned how my parents could say that.  How could they raise us in one of the most integrated environments and then expect us to segregate ourselves?  Yeah, didn 8767 t happen.

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DSKeller lili7559 FriendsofJay I agree with DSKeller to the point that this is YOUR LIFE. NOT your mom 8767 s. NOT your father 8767 s. NOT your friends. One will live a safe, boring, complacent life if one lives by other 8767 s dictates. Yo 8767 ll be safe but unhappy. Live a safe, obedient life and you WILL wake up one day bitter, resentful and unfulfilled with NO ONE to blame but yourself. This is where it gets schizophrenic. We praise people in the CRM and people like the Lovings who did the heavy lifting. But when it comes to living that life they fought for us to have, we cave. WTF! There comes a point where you gotta say 8775 EFF IT! 8776 You CAN have your cake and eat it too. it 8767 s been people successfully. You have to put your money where your mouth is and step out on faith. Put into action that belief you have in a higher power and live YOUR FRIGGIN LIFE. not society 8767 s. You pass this way but ONCE. You wanna spend it pleasing others? I don 8767 t and ain 8767 t startin 8767 no time soon.

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This right here is the truth and thank you for stating is plain and simple. It 8767 s always been interesting to me that people don 8767 t think about how they are being perceived. I mean why would any MAN (Black, While, Pink, or Purple) want to be with a woman that is soooo dang critical. My guess is that if some of these women are this mean when it comes to someone they have never met, they must be off the chart with those they have met. And frankly, life is too short to purposely spend your time with unpleasant people.

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Thank you :-).  I suppose I am. I 8767 m always surprised of the things people notice about me..especially over the internet. I think it 8767 s just because I 8767 m a very sensitive person and while I don 8767 t care whether people like me nearly as much as I used to, I usually try to be considerate of the feelings of others and to remain somewhat tactful I 8767 ve had my outbursts though..even here I also try to make it so that people won 8767 t misinterpret what I 8767 m trying to say though that is going to happen a lot on the internet, regardless (been on both sides of that)

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sparel MySmile Aww, hey! Yes I graduated last year.. I moved to Austin, TX in August and we broke up quite a while ago haha like 7 and a half years ago It 8767 s probably in one of my videos somewhere I was without a webcam for a while too..I should start making new videos..I 8767 m embarrassed of some of my past videos haha..I think I made most of them private..but anyways, I miss you too! We used to have good conversations on here and youtube glad you 8767 re still here!

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Christelyn To be honest, I think it 8767 s the platform. Without very aggressive moderation, Facebook is a cesspool. Most major brands have a TEAM of marketing people managing content placed on Facebook and resulting interactions. I think it 8767 s a great tool for sharing content but that content doesn 8767 t necessarily warrant discussion all of the time. I would post sensitive items there and then direct discussion into channels you can better control like G+, the blog or the forum.

It is interesting to me that you suggest this because I think that I have been willing enjoying contributing pretty freely and have shown the cajones to jump 8775 into the sharks cage 8776 as someone put it.  I LOVE the dialogue between us all.  Your suggestion here is a topic I really enjoy getting some talk going about.  But after Stan getting jumped on unfairly makes me want to lurk more and NOT go out on the limb so much.  Just sayin 8767 .

That said, sometimes you have to separate your personal situation from what 8767 s going on with the man you 8767 re working with. It 8767 s not in anyone 8767 s best interests not even yours to project sinister motives on the other person without taking a deeper look at the individual. A married man who wants to send Facebook messages to you on the sly and have a threesome with you and his other female friend*** is completely different from someone who may have been married to a white woman before (maybe he married his high school or college sweetheart during a time when all he was exposed to was white people), is now divorced and has discovered over time (through exposure) that he is more attracted to black women. Or maybe he just happens to fall in love with a woman who is black. Attraction ain 8767 t so black and white, you know pun intended.

I had my inexplicable moment last year. I discovered I preferred the characteristics/ personalities of  the WM I encountered. I preferred their attitudes on family. I 8767 ve been more lucky in meeting conservative WM than BM. My core values seemed to be more aligned with WM.  I 8767 m no longer interested in dating BM. I believe there are good ones out there, but I 8767 m not interested anymore. When I think about it, I don 8767 t think I was ever interested, I was just following the rules well, the rules set by society, that is. God changed my mind and I 8767 m enjoying the journey that I am on. I 8767 m glad that there are people like me in the world, at least we get it. Lol. I can totally relate to people like you and Stan.

Sometimes I really wish my age of black women wouldn 8767 t speak because right now your making us look bad smh. I can understand why black women my age bracket would feel the way they do but come on now it 8767 s all about CONTEXT. I think the article explained it perfectly how life would have been for interracial couples during that time. Never doubt the power of social control.
I don 8767 t blame them one iota for not going against the grain. We as millennials have it SO good compared to pre-civil and even post-civil rights movement we take it for granted. So if an older white man wants to broaden his horizons now when it is more socially acceptable for him to do I say go for it! And to the black women saying negative things you know you don 8767 t HAVE to go out with them right? Also what makes you so sure he wants to go out with YOU? Perhaps he wants a black women who 8767 s older and more mature than you smh. Please don 8767 t let these negative comments stop you gentlemen. I know there are black women older and even that would love a chance with you:)

Brenda55 LorMarie  Agreed, he didn 8767 t talk about age preference but the concerns of black women are just as valid as any white man 8767 s. The woman that posed the question is child free, and a professional if I 8767 m not mistaken. I 8767 m sure she now understands things from his perspective. But was her concern addressed? Not every older man wants a much woman but I guarantee most are open and would date/marry her if he could. I would hardly call them poisoning spaces.

Answer: The wonder of it is that it DOESN 8767 T apply to both sides!  I have racked my brain, asked questions on this from both black and white men and women.  For some reason that I don 8767 t understand they all accept WW/BM couples, but not the other way around.  I 8767 ve been waiting forty years for someone to give me a reason that makes sense.  Some just tell me 8775 that 8767 s just the way it is. 8776  That 8767 s not good enough for this white boy.

Wow, this post got huge!  I have always attracted either much older or much WM my entire life.  Now I 8767 m 86 and starting to like the older ones a lot more now that I can feel my biological clock.  You really do have to look at them as individuals. The newly freed bachelor gone wild and looking to date LOTS of black girls isn 8767 t appealing.  A man who likes to date a ton of just black girls and not marry ANY of them seems like a bad bet in general though.  I 8767 m not impressed by their 8775 devotion 8776 .  I 8767 m willing to listen to the other side of that though because I 8767 ve never done it.  I don 8767 t personally have any experience with WM who have dated a BW who isn 8767 t me, so I can 8767 t comment on the men who profess to ONLY like us now that they 8767 re old.

I never said they were. It was a hypothetical statement. Please read my comments again. You misinterpreted what I said. Is Stan looking for a BW? Who mentioned old white sugar daddies. I hate that term. I don 8767 t get the impression that he is an older biracial SD seeking a SBW.
In an earlier post I mentioned that some BW are so quick to screen and grill NBM, but they excuse the dysfunctional disrespectful DB BM. Why are their motives often overlooked? Some BW give them a free pass to exhibit bad behavior toward them and then make up excuses for them. Why do the NBM or older, have to have motives and almost jump through hoops every time they show interest in a BW. It 8767 s a double standard.

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I agree with what you said for the most part, but what I have an issue with (this is for men in general not of any particular race) is for women to be forgiving or understanding when it comes to these qualities especially when it comes to looks because 8775 men are visual and that 8767 s just the way it is 8776 OK I can also agree with that but why should women be the ones to be like 8775 oh he 8767 s not really all that but I can work with it 8776 I wish men were as encouraged to think 8775 outside the box 8776 as much as women are encouraged to do so. Just as an example I am plus size however  I have a shape, I don 8767 t expect to have a bf with an 8 pack (and I have seen women with those types that aren 8767 t your typical barbie it does happen) but I would also want a man that is attractive, point being is I do understand that you, yourself should have what you expect in a mate but as someone else said there are negotiables and non negotiables which is what it comes down to and it 8767 s different for everyone.

Point two.  I  hope all of that mistrust and suspicion is working for the women who feel that way. While some of you insist in marinading in that toxic broth  the rest of us are getting the lives we want and the men who want to share it are finding us. No need to reach elbow deep to pull you out of that vat  of brine some of you are swimming in.  Hop out when you are ready. Again black women are free to make the choices they want.

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