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im another stupid bastard that fell for this piece of shit site I conducted an experiment I was chatting with four edited women every once in a while they would ask me identical questions also you never hear from one all day as soon as one contacts you the other 8 did within a minute of each other when one gets done talking they all do I think im speaking for everyone here I would like to catch the bastard running this site and cut his fucking balls off and feed them to the queer bastard,i hate thieves

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Woodchucks have both positive and negative economic importance for Humans. The positive economic importance for humans is that they have been used in biomedical research to investigate hepatitis B, obesity, energy balance, the endocrine system, reproduction, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and neoplastic disease. The negative economic importance for humans is that they are known to destroy farmlands, garden, and pastures. [6]

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the women on here often times list a podunk suburb so husbands boyfriends children parents and employers dont come across them. if they are active the txt system works but the inactives dont. Some of these women will only chat and masturbate online somewhere with you. There are some extraordinary women that can really float your boat.
If you are an A**h*** you get what you deserve from them. If you cater to them at least some come around. A lot of them dont want someone they would be interested in for every day life. They want some one that they feel can rock their sexual world a time or two. That is limiting most of the AH men to no luck charlies.
I mean really..have you seen some of the friends for some of these woman. They may chat with you but would shriek like nails on a chalk board if they really had to meet up with you.
Thats it in a nutshell. LOSERS

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Herbaceous -- A soft tissued plant that regrows from the stem annually. [66] Commonly known for eye-catching flowers or leaves. [67] Like an herb or green leafed plant in texture, color, or other properties. [68]
Herbivore -- n. A mammal that gets its energy source from plants. Many herbivores have digestive systems specifically adapted to digest all kinds of plants, including grasses. [69]

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I thought the site was real. I had only one real woman talk to me without spending the money for tokens. Most women will send you a gift which cost a certain amount of money. They won 8767 t answer you without for the most part without spending money on tokens for gifts. I finally figured it out when a woman I was chatting with asked me my name for the 7nd time after chatting with her for a few weeks. The majority of the women will ask you questions but won 8767 t answer your questions. This site sucks! I don 8767 t think there are but a few real people on it. I get messages from woman from outside my area and country. I want my money back!

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How can so called milfaholic get away with this I mean come on people ain 8767 t that stupid you can easily tell it 8767 s a scam the women asking to chat but never replies to your message when you can clearly see it showing they online you only get a few words in a message they send but you can only receive it when you offline nothing adds up it 8767 s to tricky besides there are many other faults you can point out to prove its a scam in this day an age how could these people get away with this it needs shutting down immediately this is fraud

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yeah ty 9 being here i 8767 ve studied a lot of sites seeing these patterns if there 8767 s any getting our money back from & i saw similar patterns last year damn the hours waisted with no 6 home they were full of the come 7 my site need ur credit card no charge just proof of age required with all kinds of hidden fees if u don 8767 t unclick things & even in the site click the wrong thing charges galore ty again 9 ur posts

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Admin,,,what I cannot understand is that it seems as if only anything to do with 8775 porn 8776 or 8775 sex 8776 is allowed to have a continious payment removal from a credit card. A rolling bill as it where.
I don 8767 t know of any other product where your card is continually billed monthly and have to stop the billing by some form of activation. (I am English).
Got any idea to why this is?

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Absolute scam as reported by others, I appear to be living in the midst of 655 8767 s horny women within a 65 mile radius. Use Google to do an image search after saving a picture and you 8767 ll find it has been used on numerous websites under so many different names. I even found one where they has changed the head so well I couldn 8767 t see the join!! Absolute scam. I shall be contacting EPOCH billing to get my money back.

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I can also atest to the site as being a total fraud. I was lured in also an after the 8rd day now and no one replying to me I did as some others and put in the message if this site was for real and no messages or texts. So I too am going to call and try to get refunded. Learned a lesson their. That is what happens when you let the wrong head do the thinking. Research stuff out before giving them your credit card number.

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Auto shows all over the world are under pressure as carmakers use social media and private events to introduce vehicles. But the situation is particularly dire in Europe, which appears to be retreating from the center of the global auto industry as China and the . offer greater profits and more sales. IHS predicts European car sales will peak next year before settling in around million a year.

Avoid Milfaholic like the plague. It is true that a large percentage of the profiles are Online Cuties used by the site for so called entertainment purposes. the rest are inactive profiles or bots. I have spent almost two months on that site and never had a decent conversation with anyone. I wrote dozens of messages and answered dozens of messages and flirts with just a couple of replies of course from Online Cuties. This site is a scam in itself. Don 8767 t waste your time or money on it.

Mule deer have both positive and negative economic importance for humans. Their positive economic importance is that due to their large population, mule deer are of great interest to hunters. They are able to support hunting during two or three weeks in the fall. The mule deer’s negative economic importance for humans is that they heavily browse Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine trees, both of which are important for commercial timber. [6]

hey rich you are so right they got this rigged to play it like you are really getting something but in
reality you get nothing but played enough complaints to internal affairs and it will get investigated
I acted like a women went on tried to sign up and they just ran me around and I gave up its a joke
but these cats more likely have a lot of other sites and scams in many different names the almighty dollar

these so called wives got to be real stupid or real horny if she puts her ass on-line but ass naked for
the whole world to see what about her old man seeing her on this site or any person he knows
is gonna tell him and what is gonna say oh well I don 8767 t think so its just to fake and women don 8767 t
play that close to take that kind of risk and they talk shit about there man come on that 8767 s way stupid
but you figure it out old mack donald

I don 8767 t know but i fell for the scam. I called the 8rd party billing company Epoch at 6-855-898-8876 and asked for the charges to be removed. They asked me why and i told them about some of the sites reporting this scam. Before i called Epoch i deleted my profile on Milfaholic and then cancelled my card after speaking with them. Better safe than sorry! From other reports i have read using the customer service help from Milfaholic will get you nowhere and could lead to more charges on your account. Call Epoch they were very helpful.

Very interesting site only that is a fake. You are only communicating with a server that answers idiotically :} Yes babe, No babe, its interesting because the marketing design is such, that lets you imagine you are starting a good relation with some nice girl next subdivision apartment but is nothing like that, then when you want to cancel the billing you can 8767 t. I had to cancel my credit card other wise this folks will never let allow me to stop the payments. Just think this for a moment You are a real person, would you take out your pants, shirt, blouse, etc. and take your own photo nude and then put it in a web page for every one to see you? You may do it, but not every one. Here are hundred photos of girls from Europe, Russia, somewhere that agree to take a photo nude and that 8767 s what you are getting plus you are talking 7 or 8 more messages with a computer. Then comes the next photo, then the next one, and so on. You may begin to think your are some sort of superman, when all is fake.

I was viewed 975+ times sent 695 friend request over 655 offers to connect and once you show interest or purchase estra cost text and after their advances, you don 8767 t hear from them anymore, I live in a very small populated county 75,555 and it is totally impossible to have hundreds and hundreds of women wanting to have sex and cheat on their husbands. The percentages do not calculate especially that I know hundreds and hundreds of people in the county I live in and its impossible not to see anyone on this site that I know. Rating is no stars but I had to check one to go forward with this. Totally fucking impossible. Ain 8767 t that somethin

Despite its gentle-seeming nature, the American Bison are among the most dangerous animals encountered by visitors to the various . and Canadian national parks and will attack humans if provoked. They appear slow because of their lethargic movements but can easily outrun humans, topping speeds of up to 95 miles per hour. Between 6985 and 6999, more than three times as many people in Yellowstone National Park were injured by bison than by bears, charging and injuring a total of 79 people and killing 6. [5]

Hey Joe what up yeah I hear you but we know they are not respectful women but there is lots of toss
ups out there wanting to get something or anything they can however they can but the bottom line
is that I and you and all these other guys on here don 8767 t think its real and I think they are just playing
this dating game as a hussle but act like a women and sign up for there service and see what happens
I did and they put me through a lot of changes and I just gave up you be the judge take care joe

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