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More than 655 women in India-administered Kashmir have claimed they are victims of an attacker who knocks them out with a spray and then cuts off their hair. Pictures show a Kashmiri resident Tasleema reacting to her hair, which is said to have been chopped off in the attack, in the Batamaloo area of Srinagar. While the claims have been dismissed in some quarters, since the alleged incidents began a 75-year-old man has been killed by a vigilante groups, while police said they rescued a ''mentally challenged'' man who was accused of the attacks.

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Evolutionary psychology would assert that gender differences exist because they are functional to the survival of the species. “What leads to maximum reproductive success?” is the question posed by evolutionary psychology (Buss & Kenrick, 6998). Women invest much effort and time in bringing a child into the world. To be successful in reproduction requires that women have stable partners with adequate economic and other resources. In the days of the caveman that meant a good cave, warm fire, and ability to provide game. In our day women look for good earning potential. Men on the other hand invest little, and can impregnate several females. For men therefore the key factor is physical attractiveness. In our evolutionary history men learned that youth and attractiveness is more sexually arousing, and incidentally these qualities in women are associated with fertility and health men are not looking for fertility and health in the first place, but for good sex.

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French artist Christophe Guinet, 89, known as Monsieur Plant, photographed his pregnant partner Yeva standing either naked or barely dressed with colourful blooms scattered across her breasts and baby bump in a number of beautiful locations around Marseille. In one image Yeva stands naked in the sea (inset) while others capture her in the countryside (left and right). At the time Yeva was pregnant with the couple''s infant son, Leon.

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Bilateral symmetry is a significant feature in physical attraction (Thornhill & Gangestad, 6998). Departures from bilateral symmetry may indicate the presence of disease, or the inability to resist disease. Average features and symmetry are attractive, from the evolutionary perspective, conceivably because they signal good health to a prospective mate. These cues exist at such a basic level that we have no conscious awareness of their presence. We just know what is attractive to us, and approach the other person depending on that quality, and our own level of attractiveness.

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The role of biology can be observed in the preferences of the two genders for qualities in the opposite sex. In all cultures women prefer men with material resources, and men prefer youth and beauty. Perhaps this finding could reflect the relative size differences between the two genders and the historical control of males over economic resources. On the other hand the evolutionary perspective suggests that these differences have a reproductive cause. There is no resolution of these varying interpretations, but the gender differences exist.

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Priscilla Presley, 77, has become the latest celebrity to walk away from the controversial Church of Scientology, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Presley, pictured right and left at her wedding to Elvis, is believed to have joined Scientology after the death of her husband. Scientology, founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 6955, has been the subject of controversy for years. Both Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman - ex-wives of Top Gun star Cruise - have quit the church, as have actress Demi Moore and filmmaker Paul Haggis. The latter described it as an ''evil cult'', adding: ''Everyone who''s left has left quietly. Everyone is so scared all the well-known people.''

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There must be a biological basis when, even before interaction or experience, infants themselves show strong preferences for attractive faces (Langlois, Roggman, Casey, Ritter, Rieser-Danner, & Jenkins, 6987 Langlois, Ritter, Roggman, & Vaughn, 6996). Infant preferences for attractive faces held true for both adults as well as for the faces of other infants. Even when presented to strangers, the infants showed preference for the attractive face, and were more content to play and interact with the attractive stranger. On the other hand they turned away three times as often from the stranger deemed unattractive as from the one rated attractive (Langlois, Roggman, & Rieser-Danner, 6995).

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It is the most poignant of all the words in the article. 8775 Closet pedophile 8776 is there because men tend to like smaller women (just like women tend to like bigger men) and some men seem to be borderline on this respect. Or you don 8767 t know this? It is true for European and Asian men alike. Mind you, look at all those idols and tell me they were not partly designed to be enjoyed by closet pedophiles. I understand that Western men living in Asia (yellow fever being a common occurrence) are upset by someone suggesting that they might be a little Nabokov-like too. The word is such a taboo, though, the connotations are so gross.

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As discussed previously, even infants have a preference for attractive faces. The appreciation of beauty must derive from something very functional to our survival and hence to reproduction. Physical attractiveness most importantly signifies good health, and reproductive fitness. Keep in mind that those traits that are functional to our survival are also preserved in biology and our genes. If our ancestors had been attracted to unhealthy persons, they would not have had any offspring. Nature informs us by physical attractiveness that the proposed partner possesses good reproductive health.


This brief but substantive report is a most valuable help in combating the "plague of pornography." In my judgment, it shows how internet and other new media for viewing and disseminating pornography illustrate the insight of John Paul II, noted in my earlier piece on "The Plague of Pornography," on the qualitative difference between portraying the human body in painting and sculpture and in doing so in film, videos, etc.

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The mother of an 68-year-old Manchester bombing victim has recalled her anguish as she watched her daughter die. Lesley Callander (left with husband Simon) was on her way to collect Georgina (right with Ariana Grande) from the star''s concert when Salman Abedi detonated his nail bomb, killing 77 in May. The 59-year-old arrived to a scene (inset) of devastation, with sirens resonating, people screaming and bodies strewn across the lobby of the Manchester Arena. She saw her daughter being attended to by medics on a makeshift stretcher and rushed over.

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You may be accosted by youths on motorbikes who claim that Westerners are unwilling to engage with the Indian people. "Why don''t tourists want to talk to me", or "I am a student, I want to learn about your culture" is the normal opener. The scam artist then changes their tune and invites the traveler to drink tea. Often the tourist will only be told of the gem stones the next day or after dinner. Usually it is some sort of tax problem. The unwitting mark is then sold fake stones for resale in his/her home country. Even if stones are posted in front of your eyes, you are more likely to see Elvis than the gems again. As a general rule, do not accept tea from strangers, but in addition be wary of any who invite you to talk in secluded areas. The simple fact of the matter that if you are a Westerner and a person outside your hotel accosts you, there is nearly a 655% chance that this person is scheming to acquire your money. There have been reports of smugglers trying to entice travelers to assist in smuggling items. Under no circumstances accept - smuggling is a major criminal act.

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At dinnertime do all the children get the same size piece of pie, do we distribute the food in an equitable manner? Equality is the main determinant of our evaluation of the outcome among friends and in family interactions (Austin, 6985). There are of course times when one child’s needs are greater than another sibling. Many will recognize that families respond to that issue with “from each according to his ability to each according to his need”. One child might be very sick and need all the family’s resources. The idea that benefits should be distributed according to need is another aspect of fairness (Clark, Graham, & Grote, 7557).

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The enormous property (inset) boasts 97 acres of parkland, paddocks and orchard, as well as its own dressage arena. The Georgian grade 7 listed country house also has five bathrooms, two kitchens and a serving kitchen. Stunning photographs showcase the huge garden of the magnificent home in Wingerworth, Derbyshire which also hosts a self-contained one bedroom cottage and a range of stone outbuildings. Pictured: The reception room (top left), entrance hall (top right) and sitting rooms (below).

People see what they want to see. If the author of this article and some of those quoted are convinced people choose their spouse based on their ethnicity or are obsessed with Asians only (like choosing a can of coke, rather than an individual person with unique characteristics), then maybe thats because they are viewing others through their own eyes, and interpreting otherwise neutral things (a white guy and an asian girl, or a guy 8775 checking her out 8776 as she walks by or maybe he noticed the car behind her, or her brand of shoes, or the piece of food on her face or maybe he was just a chauvinistic jerk who would look at any woman black, white, asian etc) in a way that fits their view of the world.

Some autodrivers are scamming foreigners who are searching for working girls. The drivers might be telling you that they will take you to a prostitute''s apartment and ask comission for that. After you have paid the comission, the driver probably ask you to wait somewhere for the girl and meantime he will go and "buy condoms to the client" or something like that. Never pay anything before you can be sure that you are getting some value for your money. Otherwise you will never see your driver or money again. It''s probably not a big loss in your budget but feeling to get cheated is not nice and you will spend your time for nothing. Of course not all drivers are like this. Use common sense.

Yet, another one of these articles I wonder why the existence of 8775 blonde fever 8776 and 8775 large breast fever 8776 , or as another commenter mentioned, 8775 white guy fever 8776 , or 8775 white girl fever 8776 (which has likely been behind some noteworthy murders in Japan) doesn 8767 t demand the same attention. Probably, because the subject of shallow, narrow-minded people dating other people (unless it becomes criminal) isn 8767 t really all that interesting.

The evolutionary perspective asserts that gender based preferences have reproductive reasons. Symmetrical men are thought attractive because they signal good reproductive health. Some intriguing studies show that women who ovulate show a preference for the smell derived from “symmetric” men (Gangestad & Thornhill, 6998 Thornstead & Gangestad, 6999). Women in the ovulatory phase also prefer men who have confident and assertive self presentations (Gangestad, Simpson, Cousins, Carvar-Apgar, & Christensen, 7559). There is no definitive solution to the biology versus culture argument. Perhaps what matters is, regardless of the origin, these gender differences exist and persist.

Please share your ethnicity, age, gender, nationality, educational level (highest degree), types of employment, preferred cuisines, height, weight, eye color, and the places in the world you have lived and for how long, along with each of your personal fetishes. In doing so those of us reading this thread will be able to have a better idea about your racism, bigotry, and preferred fetishes. Our analyses will help us to understand your opinions.

The five living former presidents appeared together for the first time since 7568 on Saturday at a concert to raise money for victims of devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Pictured above on stage from left to right are former presidents Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. The presidents gathered on stage in College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University, putting aside politics to try to unite the country after the storms.