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PMS and Sex: Information Men and Women Need to Know

Posted: 2017-10-12 07:17

Every time a good looking girl with a slender body walked by, I could tell he was fantasizing about what he’d like to do to her. He made it ridiculously obvious. Some guys are good about only moving their eyes to checkout a girl’s ass when they’re on a date. Not this guy. His whole head would make 95 degree turn and he would stare for a good 8 seconds. I’m sorry, but when I’m on a date with a guy, I expect his attention to be on me. If it’s not, that clearly shows me he’s not interested. The guy that seemed so sweet, charming and funny was anything but. He was so smooth online, and such a dud offline.

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That advice absolutely makes no sense. It s meaningless. The thing is though, men are told it all the time and they all interpret it the same way, be a nice guy tm and women will like you. That is undeniably false. Women want a man who is smart, attractive, driven and makes them wetter than a Seattle summer. Nice guys are a dime a dozen but a dude with good looks, charm and a devil may care attitude about whether or not you like him is rare. Women get so much me attention that a dude who doesn t give a shit about what you think is inherently more attractive than the dude who s always up your ass doing nice shit for you.

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For those guys who still think you know what the experience is and how women feel during this process, and what is and isn&rsquo t &ldquo real,&rdquo get over it. The sensations women experience across the menstrual cycle are as real as every other physiological event. They do tend to differ greatly across women. Sensitivity, openness and support when requested seem to be the thinking man&rsquo s approach to dating a woman who has menstrual cycles. And for women, honesty and directness about your experience should help take the guessing out of the process for your man.

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I always thought the idea of this advice was to go for a woman of lower attractiveness than you because she will think of you as a catch and will want to stay with you. I believe that this is true for both sexes. People want to keep something of high value that they don t deserve. However, learning from personal experience, this strategy set me up to resent my SO because I believed that I could be doing better than her. Now I m trying to find someone equal to me.

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We all have our “type”. And we all want to avoid attracting men we’re not into. Yet, somehow, it seems like “Mr. Wrong” just keeps finding us. I’ve learned that, with online dating, it’s usually the woman’s fault that the guys we aren’t interested in are the only ones contacting us. Then we whine and complain to our girlfriends about how every guy is an asshole. Sure, that can be fun. But wouldn’t it be more fun to start dating the right men. It all starts with the profile. How we write our profile and the type of pictures we upload will impact the type of men that contact us.

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I never asked for his personal information before agreeing to go on a date. I should have insisted on seeing his Facebook profile. I didn’t even know his last name. He was just “John” to me. For all I know, John may not have actually been his name. Maybe he goes online preying on women to hook up with. I should have asked him to prove who he was prior to the date. If he were to refuse, I could have and should have told him to bug off.

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In recent years, several studies showed that women taking HRT have a higher risk of breast cancer , heart disease , stroke , and blood clots. The largest study was the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), a 65-year study tracking over 666,855 healthy, postmenopausal women. The study found that women who took the combination therapy had an increased risk of heart disease. The overall risks of long-term use outweighed the benefits, the study showed.

I stick to this scoring system, without exception. When I first tested out online dating, I very quickly learned that men don’t always appear to be who they claim to be in their profile. I have become pretty good at figuring out which guys are BS’ing in their profile based on how they interact with me. I ask a lot of questions, so if they’re lying about something, I will eventually catch them. Never compromise who you are and don’t be fooled by phony men online. Stick to my grading system and you’ll be fine.

I 8767 m not naive sometimes a man can 8767 t offer financial support yet, but he 8767 s the truth on spiritual, intellectual, and emotional support (. Barack when he met Michelle). Maybe what they have to offer is raw talent or ambition. These things can be worked with, depending on the type of woman in the equation. In a case like that, of course, they really need to be able to offer to show that they have good intentions down the line. But someone coming with no plan of action, no general outline, no time,  and no finance is not worth the air he 8767 s taking up breathing in your face, and that 8767 s real.

I don t know what these women/men think they are going to figure out about a person messaging back and forth online. I can make myself be anything I want to be over a computer screen. You might have the most interesting banter back and forth messaging someone, they might look great in their pictures, but then you meet them and they are awkward as fuck, look nothing like their pictures, have shit posture, a feminine voice, and obnoxious laugh. I don t have weeks on end to waste getting to know someone over the internet that I m just going to end up being immediately unattracted to when I meet them in person. Which is why I always, immediately asked to meet the person from the get go.

Build in your mind the image of a guy you think girls won t be able to resist. Now. make yourself more like that guy. If he has a better physique, start going to the gym. If he s more sociable, spend more time in social settings getting comfortable with being around people. If he knows things you don t, take classes and get to know that stuff. If he s got money, then work on getting ahead in your career.

In addition to changes in mental acuity and mood, there are often changes associated with a woman&rsquo s sexual drive across the menstrual cycle. This is being found for subtle changes in women 8767 s sex drive that women may not even be aware of. While libido is far too complex to be tied to a particular part of the menstrual cycle in all women (it is inextricably associated with culture and emotions), many women do notice particular times of the cycle when sex is different, perhaps feeling more tender at some times and more primitive at others. The point to remember is that women will experience sex differently across the menstrual cycle, and a lover who is attuned to how the woman is feeling will be a more satisfying lover.

Scientists have long debated whether humans, like animals, use chemical signals called pheromones to communicate sexual interest to potential mates. Problem is, the effects of pheromones are thought to be subconscious meaning that if we do communicate using them, we sure don t know it. It s also hard to know what these pheromones might be and how we sense them, so researchers understand little about them.

Maybe I 8767 m missing something. I 8767 m speaking as a woman now. I say this because often I feel that I still speak as a girl. My age is not what it used to be in society a lot of women my age are kind of mired in a perpetually girlish mode I personally admit I tend to revel in my ability to channel my 78 year-old self and have no immediate plans to 8775 grow up 8776 . But right now, I speak as a woman who 8767 s been having sex/smashin/crushin/bonin/ooh wee/gettin it/making love for seven years. And I still haven 8767 t reached my sexual peak (something to look forward to!!). I 8767 m old enough to not be able to vividly remember every single time I 8767 ve had sex in my life (although I 8767 m fortunate to be able to remember everyone), and yet enough to still able to vividly recall my first time.

Anyways, recently I ve started to get a lot more flirty and physical with girls I interact with. I tease them, touch them, bring up the topic of sex/dating in conversations, and my success has gone up a lot. Looking back, I think a big reason I had no luck was because I came across as asexual although I was a good conversationalist, I gave no indication that I was attracted to girls, plus I never made any moves. So much for the whole just be yourself and treat girls well and they ll come to you advice. What about you guys? What are some common dating advice that you found to be bullshit from your experience?

Now, let 8767 s be honest. Before going out on my own, I 8767 d had plenty of education on the importance of being prudent with passing out 8766 the love 8767 . I was raised in the church and constantly admonished by my family to 8775 be good 8776 . Plus, I knew instinctively that men don 8767 t want anything that comes too easily. But honestly, no one prepared me for those moments alone when he 8767 s kissing on your neck and slowly lowering your bra strap in that soft, tender way that grazes your skin, tickling your shoulder. No one prepared me for soft music and dim lighting and candles. No one ever mentioned that he might kiss me in a way that would literally make my spine buckle so that falling on my back was the only way I could feel like I wasn 8767 t having a seizure. No one told me how natural it feels to spread your legs and wrap them around him when his weight on top of you feels so good and how quickly it can all turn into something you might regret. No one told me that it was so easy to be easy. Figures.

When I was in college, I made some very questionable decisions about sex. I wanted to be what I thought a woman of the new millennium looked like: a sexually liberated girl who made hedonistic, Sex and the City -inspired decisions about her body and who she let in it. I wanted to be someone who was okay with casual sex. It became obvious rather quickly that I was actually not okay with casual sex at all, and not long after my declaration of independence, I found myself monogamously devoted to a very polygamous man who was my bliss about 77% of the time, my hell 66% of the time and some sick purgatory for the rest of it.

Megan Fox, Jennifer Anniston, Gisele Bundchen – I’m completely straight but I’d still do them. So I’m well aware of how smokin’ hot they are. Every guy fantasizes about getting down their pants. And when a guy compares you, in any way, to one of them (or other hot celebrities), it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Ever met a guy that is beyond fixated with these hot celebrities? They’re a royal pain in the ass. I dated a guy that always wanted me to have my hair styled like Jennifer Anniston and begged me to grow a booty like J-Lo’s. I could only take so much. I kicked him to the curb not one minute too soon.

I hate that, negging is a perfectly valid strategy, it s just that somehow the PUA community (community, not the actual people who wrote books and stuff) turned it into something completely different and dickish.
Negging is basically meant to be playful teasing and banter and the goal is to poke some lighthearted fun at the girl to make her laugh and show her that you re not scared of her but instead interact with her as you would with any other person. But somehow people turned lighthearted fun with her into making fun of her and showing that you re not scared of her to showing that you think less of her.

There was no Leslie, I was living with the good friend, sorting out my life, coming to terms that he (the friend) would forever be embroiled with his BIC chick and couldn’t face the fallout from opening up to DIC in Texas precisely because I was not ready to deal with his brand of crazy, combined with the BIC of his twin sisters who were both engaged and summarily un-engaged in the same year amid rumors of one sister abusing her beau and the other un-ashamedly abusing her betrothed. Why did I date him given the genetic predisposition to crazy? I’d known him all my life, he’s brilliant as hell, a great catch, definitely not a commitment-phobe, he would throw himself in front of a truck if that’s what I asked and, ahhhhh the dick!