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Madonna has both Moon and Mercury in Virgo, so emotionally she bonds with Guy, while he has Moon in Aries and Mercury in Libra, so he can talk and charm his way out of anything as well as always making Madonna see the funny side of things (her chart suggests she takes everything way too seriously). Venus is well placed - in Leo in Madonna 8767 s chart and Libra in Guy 8767 s chart so he 8767 s a flirt and she 8767 s jealous and that keeps the sparks alive. Speaking of sparks, Mars, the planet of energy and passion is in Taurus in Madonna 8767 s chart (which screams money maker), while Guy has Mars in Leo, which makes him creative and artistic. Madonna would do well to back Guy financially and let him call the shots as he has a wonderful chart to be a huge success in his own right (without the tag of Mr Madonna).

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John likes water ladies. Ex Jessica Simpson is a Cancer, ex ex Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Pisces. So it makes sense that he has found Cancer Minka, who 8767 s chart is a strong one and not one to 8766 be mucked around with 8767 . John is much 8766 freer and carefree 8767 than Minka he has Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury in Libra along with his Sun. He tells it like it is no holds barred. Minka is much more sensitive with her Moon in Scorpio and Mercury in Cancer. Luckily she has Venus in Gemini which gels well with John 8767 s Sun in Libra, while with his Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer, there is an undercurrent of stability and thoughtfulness that lurks beneath. While these two charts don 8767 t scream together forever, they will definitely teach each other valuable life lessons.

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Aries love to fuss and fight, while Scorpios bury their feelings and sulk silently. However with Fergie&rsquo s Mercury in Pisces, she too is guilty of not saying exactly what&rsquo s on her mind when she needs too, so the mood swings are balanced out here. With his Moon in Aquarius and Mars and Venus in Libra, Josh is very much a free spirit and does what he wants to do when he wants to do it without any guilt or worry associated with his actions. Fergie has her Venus in grounded Taurus, so she is the glue holding this marriage together. Recent events would suggest that it&rsquo s just as well one of them is in it for the long haul!

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Previously engaged to Pisces Emily Blunt, Michael Buble has once again settled down with Taurus beauty Luisiana Lopilato. Virgos and Taureans are great matches as they are both earthy and know what they want out of life. With his Mercury in Libra and hers in Gemini, this couple can talk about everything and anything. And with both their Mars in Gemini, they have energy to spare and love to do things together &ndash exercising, watching movies, trying new restaurants and bars and being giggly and in love and cute together.

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Taurus and Cancers is a great match because both have a thing for home decorating and keeping everything spotless. Moon wise they are in sync too, with Lily&rsquo s Mon in Cancer and Enrique&rsquo s Moon in Scorpio, there is no end to their need to make each other happy. Meanwhile they talk about anything and everything, with her Mercury in Gemini and his in Leo, they are happy sitting around over wine and cheese chatting the night away. Lily&rsquo s Venus in Cancer and his Venus in Leo signals that they would make wonderful parents together as both are very nurturing. Last but not least there is real passion here with Enrique&rsquo s Mars in Aries, he is always hot to trot and with her Mars in Aquarius, she pretends she&rsquo s not as hot to trot as Enrique, but she is!

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Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs so naturally compatible and understand each other 8767 s need for security and commitment. Marilyn is way more into the spotlight and being a star than Evan Rachel, who 8767 s chart is much more humble. Marilyn 8767 s ex was sultry Libra Dita Von Teese. Evan is much lower key with her Moon in Pisces, Venus and Mars in Virgo. She 8767 s outspoken though with Mercury in Libra although she doesn 8767 t like to argue. Marilyn has Moon in Leo (the Moon most associated with fame and fortune) and Venus in Pisces (which connects nicely with Evan 8767 s Moon in Pisces) and Mars in Scorpio. Marilyn has a dark side and is prone to dramatic and intense mood swings. Luckily Evan Rachel is the one person who can deal with this and make Marilyn feel as if he is the most fab person

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While it 8767 s a wonder these two haven 8767 t hooked up before, it 8767 s pretty obvious looking at their charts that it will be a short lived fling. Cancer women are clingy and maternal. Aquarian men are remote and unemotional most of the time. Pam has Moon in stubborn Taurus, while Rick has his Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius. Mercury in Cancer in Pam 8767 s chart implies she chats on about her kids, while with Mercury in Aquarius he is so not interested in the domestic circus. The only positive in these two Hollywood players charts is that Pam has Venus in Leo, while Rick has Venus in Sagittarius. Their sex life is about the only thing that clicks and that might suffice for some time. Or might it?

Pisces and Scorpios are great couples simply because there is a real emotional compatibility they find within each other. Plus with her Mercury in Pisces and his in Scorpio, they can talk about anything and everyone and feel safe in confiding in each other. Sexually there are real sparks here with Olivia&rsquo s Mars in sexy Scorpio and Tao&rsquo s Mars in nurturing Cancer. Tao is actually the more serious one here, so Olivia has to be careful (with her Moon in flighty Gemini) that she doesn&rsquo t hurt his feelings or make him feel silly at times.

No wonder these two moved hell and earth to be with each other! Dean 8767 s Scorpio Sun is like waving a red rag at Tori 8767 s Sun in Taurus. And with her Moon in Scorpio (Dean 8767 s Sun sign) it is very much a soul mate connection, not to mention in numerology, they are both sevens more good news for the expectant parents.

A great match up astrologically in more ways than one. Katherine has her Sun, Mercury and Mars in saucy Sagittarius and as we have seen so far this year, she is unusually outspoken and feisty when it comes to her career, her castmates and salary negotiations (very Sag of you Katherine!). Josh has his Sun and Mercury in Aquarius so he finds it all kind of funny he doesn 8767 t overreact or even react when Katherine puts her foot in her mouth or says something not quite PC. With her Moon in Virgo and his in Cancer, there is a deep connection here one we are not privy to behind closed doors there is electricity, especially with her Venus in sexy Scorpio and his in romantic Pisces. Note to Josh with Venus in Scorpio, Katherine is sure to be super jealous so be careful with those groupies!

Leos and Aries are fun matches. Both fire they tend to fuss and fight and then make up for it with some glorious love making! Plus with her Moon in 8766 no emotional drama 8767 Aquarius, Sandra is very unflappable good for an Aries man! Jesse has his Moon in 8766 talk it out rather than react it out 8767 Gemini, so they are a great match emotionally. Venus in Gemini and Aries for Sandra and Jesse means that they are both flirts with each other and other people but with the understanding that it 8767 s just flirting and with Mars in Gemini in Sandra 8767 s chart and in Sagittarius in Jesse 8767 s chart, it completes a very nice compatibility thing happening here.

Jessica has Mercury in Cancer, which means she probably tends to prattle on about her ex Scorpio Nick Lachey, her family and her dog Daisy more than a bit. Not music to John''s ears who has Mercury in Libra, so he likes to chat about everything BUT his family and ex loves. Venus in Gemini in Jess''s chart suggests she''s quite the flirt, which is fine by John being a Libra, but surprisingly not fine by John''s Venus placement in Virgo - which tends to make him jealous and super possessive (much to his annoyance). Luckily their Mars placements line up. Jessica has Mars in Virgo and John has Mars in Cancer - so they are totally hot for each other. For right now anyway.

Aries and Leos are a natural match. Both fire signs, they are passionate, proactive, athletic and social. However, one of them has to be the boss and one the follower. Luckily they are okay with switching the power baton back and forth depending on who&rsquo s working, who&rsquo s making money, who&rsquo s hot and who&rsquo s not! With his Moon in Scorpio, Ben is much more emotional than Jen with her Moon, Venus and Mars in Gemini, Jen is the calm anchor and brains behind this couple. Ben&rsquo s work ethic is much stronger than his wife&rsquo s and money is more important to Ben too. As long as Jen is able to deal with Ben&rsquo s ups and downs and as long as Jen&rsquo s ability to shrug things off, this couple has enough going for it to last (after a year of unexpected break ups).

This is not such a great match up. Diane is emotional and sensitive, while Joshua is opinionated and way too chatty for reflective Diane 8767 s tastes. Plus with Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer, this watery maiden needs a lot of comforting and reassurance from Joshua, who has Moon and Mars in Leo, so is quite the 8766 man about town 8767 in his own way. However with Diane 8767 s Venus in Leo, there is also a side of her that craves and needs male attention and adoration, so while Joshua is being a flirt, Diane is also flirting and getting attention from co-stars and fans alike. Not sure this will work out in the long run.

Both ruled by Mercury, the communicator, these two never shut up. They probably even have their own &lsquo secret language&rsquo , especially with Michael&rsquo s Mercury also in Virgo. Both are extremely passionate people. Together they make sense, with Carrie having a &lsquo wilder chart&rsquo while Michael is much more conservative in many ways. They teach each other how to be more evolved, with Carrie being the optimist and fun partner with her Moon in saucy Sagittarius, while Michael is the worrier with his Moon and Mars in Capricorn. A good healthy balance.

Gemini''s and Aquarians get each other. Both air signs, they look at things without putting too many emotions on top of what&rsquo s real and in front of them. Plus with her Venus in Cancer and his in Capricorn, there is a very real sense of being in love with these two. They&rsquo re attracted to each other and have fun together. Both are stubborn though &ndash so chances are they squabble about silly things (like where to go to dinner). Mike is eleven years older than Willa, so he&rsquo s ready to settle down if that&rsquo s what she&rsquo s pushing for, even though Gemini men are notoriously commitment shy.

Are they or aren&rsquo t they? This Bull/Ram combo has had everyone guessing for months. He&rsquo s a brooding Taurus with his Moon in moody Cancer, while she&rsquo s a tomboyish Aries with her Moon in Libra. Nothing gelling there. However, they both have Mercury in Taurus, so they speak the same language and are both sticklers for honest and open communication. Rob&rsquo s Venus in Gemini suggests he&rsquo s a major flirt, while Kristen&rsquo s Venus in Pisces puts her on a much more romantic pathway. His Mars in Capricorn means he&rsquo s a workaholic and very ambitious, while Aries Kristen has her Mars in Aquarius &ndash she&rsquo s a rebel with a cause. Perfect casting for her to play rocker Joan Jett!

Aries and Leos are both fire signs, so there is plenty of compatibility and passion here. Jennifer&rsquo s Moon in Virgo makes her the more practical one, while with Moon in Leo Kevin enjoys the spotlight and celebrity his movie making has brought him. Jennifer has her Mercury in Taurus, and with Kevin&rsquo s in Virgo, they can talk about things rationally and sensibly. Venus in Pisces in Jen&rsquo s chart makes her more sensitive and her need for romance might not always be met with Kevin&rsquo s Venus in Virgo. She needs to let him know what she wants when she wants it.

Mercury, the planet of logic was in Taurus when Tori was born and Scorpio when Dean entered the Universe, so while they are both super stubborn, they do hash things out and keep each other in the loop, which is good, because with Venus in Gemini, Tori tends to be a bit of a flirt, while Dean has Venus in Scorpio, so is a jealous partner. And last but not least, Mars, the planet of passion in Pisces in Tori 8767 s chart and Virgo in Deans 8767 chart is a great match up. Both are sensual and totally devoted to making each other happy and despite all the opposition to their union, they are making it work and proving the world wrong.

Recently married with much ado, this power couple is a great match &ndash astrologically and financially! A Scorpio, Ivanka has her Venus in Sagittarius as well as her Moon, so she is much more lighthearted than she looks (she always looks so serious!). Jared is an ambitious, mountain climbing goat, with his Mercury in Capricorn as well, so he is very business oriented too. However his Venus is in Sagittarius too, so he has a fun side and a wild side too (hard to believe!). Ivanka has her Mercury in Libra so she is a true life ambassador, able to talk her way out of or into anything. A wonderful meeting of the minds here and a match that will last.

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