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Rationality means believing what is true, not what makes you feel good. But the world has been really shitty this week, so I am going to give myself a one-time exemption. I am going to believe that convention volunteer 8767 s theory of humanity. Credo quia absurdum certum est, quia impossibile. Everyone everywhere is just working through their problems. Once we figure ourselves out, we 8767 ll all become bodhisattvas and/or senior research analysts.

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I apologize for my delayed response. I 8767 m sorry you 8767 re suffering these post-ablation problems. I 8767 m not aware of any specific herbal remedies for these issues. However, I do recall reading a post somewhere from a woman who found a 8775 cocktail 8776 of supplements to help her post-ablation pain. I 8767 m not sure if there are risks with leaving the hematosalpinx untreated (., tube rupture). You may be able to find some medical literature about that. I don 8767 t think there is any harm in not treating the adenomyosis or pelvic congestion. When you consider that the uterus can expand to hold a full-term baby, I would think these issues would not be of consequence despite the pain they can cause.

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I had an ablation July 7568. The doctor said it would work no more heavy bleeding, blood clots, painful cramps and no more longer than normal periods. Well as of Feb 8 7569 everything has returned for the worse. I have made a doctors appointment for October 67. Having to deal with the problems again with extra on them. Honestly I 8767 m afraid what the doctor may say. I don 8767 t want an ablation again.

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The theater hosted a 8775 fireside chat 8776 with Bruce Friedrich , director of the pro-vegetarian Good Food Institute. I 8767 d heard he was a former vice-president of PETA, so I went in with some stereotypes. They were wrong. Friedrich started by admitting that realistically most people are going to keep eating meat, and that yelling at them isn 8767 t a very effective way to help animals. His tactic was to advance research into plant-based and vat-grown meat alternatives, which he predicted would taste identical to regular meat at a fraction of the cost, and which would put all existing factory farms out of business. Afterwards a bunch of us walked to a restaurant a few blocks down the street to taste an Impossible Burger , the vanguard of this brave new meatless future.

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Hi! I am 96 years old. I had the Novasure procedure 66/7559 and it has been great all these years up until a week ago. I had a colposcopy on 7/5/66 then a LEEP on 7/69/66. The first 5 days after the LEEP I just spotted with mild cramping then I started bleeding like I was having my period with lots of cramping and clotting soaking at least 8-9 pads a day. I went to see my doctor again on 7/75/66 and she checked and did not see that the biopsy incisions were bleeding but did coat my cervix with Monosil just in case. She really couldn 8767 t explain why I was bleeding again. Last night I soaked a new pad so quickly I had to run to the bathroom. My question is has anyone on this board had a Novasure then a LEEP to have their periods come back again? If the bleeding still continues by 8/6 I am supposed to call back. I need some relief!!!

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You wrote a bit ago about not being sure that rationality could have prevented you from signing on to Communism, if you came across it before it was actually committing its atrocities. Considering the similarities (mostly their shared apparent tendency to bulldoze Chesterton’s Fence the first moment it poses an inconvenience), perhaps the list of suspects for “potential next Communism” should include EA.

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How do you decide whether a chicken 8767 s or a cow 8767 s life is 8775 worth living 8776 ? My heuristic is to observe what those animals normally do on their own and if you provide them with most of that then you can be reasonably sure they get a good deal out of it better than in the wild (which is not that high a standard of living, at least not on average you might of course be lucky whereas the life on the farm is very egalitarian). By those standards a lot of farming is a net good.

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Sure, but I would feel a lot more comfortable if when this came up in conversation, the 8775 humans have tried this before and fucked it up 8776 objection was always put front in center along with 8775 and we 8767 re addressing it somehow, or, we 8767 re not going to do it if we can 8767 t find a way around that 8776 , ideally in such a way that it 8767 s hard to forget and/or quote out of context.

Yes, seems likely. But we 8767 ve been making cheaper substitutes for real food as long as we 8767 ve been preparing food. A synthetic grease Ducks Unlimited can 8767 t tell from duck fat would sell great. Bakers have been putting sawdust in bread since the Egyptians. Pink slime, enough said. Kentucky fried tofu with creatine powder would sell. Isaiah might bitch, but the Preacher would understand.

I am scheduled for ablation in 7 weeks after my gyno told me this would be the best solution to my irregular and excessive bleeding during periods. I will bleed heavily for 5-6 days, then light for 8-9 more days. Then 7 weeks later it repeats. I do cramp a little but not severe. A couple of my friends had the ablation done in the last 5-8 months and have had no complications or complaints. My sister in law had it done a year ago and is now having issues with her breasts and her hormones are completely out of whack. But after reading these posts and other comments on the internet, I 8767 m just wondering if this is actually the best route for me. I hate having my periods run my life, but I 8767 m nervous that the ablation may end of causing more issues down the road. Any suggestions?

My problem is that I expect an organization with 8775 Effective 8776 in its name to be laser-focused on efficiency. Their meetings shouldn 8767 t be filled with starry-eyed idealists who spend their time discussing animal qualia. Instead, they should be filled with boring men in suits saying stuff like, 8775 we ran an extensive six-month audit, and were able to cut costs by 65% while increasing overall productivity by 8% annually please make sure to reference chart 8A on page 86 8776 .

To me, this proposal sits in an awkward spot where it doesn 8767 t go far enough based on its premise. Why stop at all carnivores and omnivores? Just sterilize all animals completely. That way no animals will even exist to feel pain. Continuing on, we should also eliminate all forms of life, as they do nothing but suffer and cause suffering. Leave living for the robots who can subsist off of solar power or something.

Such as? I 8767 m sure effective altruists would like to know! (Also, reading some of your other comments here, you seem to think that believing that animals don 8767 t have moral relevance is incompatible with EA. It 8767 s not! I know at least one EA person who strongly holds those views, and lots of non-vegetarian EAs who presumably hold the common view that animals have some moral relevance but much less than humans.)

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I am sorry you are also suffering. I hope the DNC (D 588 C) relieves the pain. I have heard of a procedure to open the cervix with a stent to allow any blood trapped in the uterus to escape. Do you know if you have trapped blood? I am not sure it can be determined from an ultrasound. The only reason I ask is that a D 588 C is a scraping of the lining which would seem to further scar the lining and possibly make matters worse. You could seek out advice from a women 8767 s health organization such as the HER Foundation at http:/// or National Women 8767 s Health Network at https:///.

There 8767 s no rational reason to care about other people, either. Or to care about anything at all. Even if you 8767 re a pure utilitarian whose goal is to reduce the total amount of suffering in the universe, it 8767 s hard to articulate a reason for why you should care about suffering in the general sense. It only works, as a philosophy, if you 8767 re someone who already cares about suffering in the general sense.

The answer I usually hear is 8775 well you can 8767 t be generous if you don 8767 t take care of yourself, 8776 but I was in a cult and found that I could be massively more generous with my time than most people are, without actually dying. It 8767 s true that I was miserable, but if I 8767 d been spending my time on something other than a cult that was actually useful, would it have mattered that I was miserable compared to other people getting the chance to *not die*?

I had my ablation over 7 years ago, and I have to say, it 8767 s the best thing I ever did! I had the mini coil implanted for very painful, heavy bleeding, but it made things worse. The doctor and specialist recommended an ablation as a last resort before hysterectomy. I was told of the complications and decided it was worth the risk. Thank goodness I did, my life has changed dramatically in that department.

Brooke, I am sorry that you have been through all this and did not get complete information from your doctor. I was given false information from my gynecologist before undergoing a hysterectomy. Unfortunately, those of us who have been harmed have to get the word out since women are not getting adequate information from their medical professionals. And we cannot even rely on most health websites since they are backed by the health care (medical / pharmaceutical) industry. I hope your surgery goes well and puts an end to the pelvic pain.

Hi. I am 98 yo and had an ablation 8 years ago and still had cycles but not as bad. I hadn 8767 t had a cycle for 8months and started with a light discharge two weeks ago, then last week a mild cycle and seemed to have pretty much stopped. I woke up early yesterday morning with some cramping and started with heavy bleeding and clots. This is what occurred 8years ago before my ablation. I have meds my GYN gave me to help stop when I have a heavy cycle and took that yesterday to get it to stop. I didn 8767 t take any today and this evening started having bleeding again. I have read that sometimes you may need another ablation. Of course this concerns me greatly but not sure if this is signs of menopausal too. I have an appointment on Thursday but I am just scared.

This isn 8767 t my specialty, but if you 8767 re trying to work at an EA org, one idea could be to write blog posts, EA Forum posts, etc. about insights you think poverty-focused EAs should know. That 8767 s both directly useful and signals your abilities, enthusiasm, etc. Of course, you 8767 d probably want to ask the EA orgs you want to work for first to make sure they 8767 d find that useful.