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Posted: 2017-10-12 23:41

I totally agree with you, Mark England. There 8767 s a lot of bad and negative comments about this site. I nearly got sucked in as well, lucky I didn 8767 t continue to subscribe, because they said, there 8767 s not enough fund in my bank account. But I knew fully well, there 8767 s money in there. but I think, they will deduct more than what they 8767 re were claiming to. Be careful everyone!

ICS-Extreme, - - ~ Tattoona

Dont waste your money if you are a male the first 655 matches will be Aisan women who are rest will be gold diggers who want free meals on your dollar,tell them first thing if you meet them they pay for there own percent will never call you most matches that you get work for and string you along to keep paying them each get burned by this company or eharmony !!!

Here is the latest joke from these clowns After They finally replied back after sending nasty grams to them, finally somebody from them responded back, and promise my refund but ofcourse I checked and I havent goteen my money reimburse to my feed back you guys say is that is not a SCAM either this web is in assoicate with them are you are also giving out false hope to your veiweres also read below this is the last statement I got from them after my responce.

All I can say is don 8767 t waste your money or time on it if you gain access to this site, thats fine in dandy til you subscribe, then you want be able to log in again even trying to go to the lost password site, also, your not going to get any responce, you will do better by going the club, it 8767 s all a waste of time, if you like browsing, thats fine in dandy, just don 8767 t subscribe.

Any dating service that makes you pay before you can contact anyone or can read their message is automatically a scam even if you find someone you like- who likes you- and is close enough to do something about, by accident. This is because the dating service leaves the vetting up to you, but provides no tools for you to perform this function. How about not paying anything until the other party agrees to come up on an anonymous webcam (with you) belonging to the dating service -this will mean GOODBYE TO THE FAKES since no IM 8767 ing will ever be permitted or needed. ONLY THE MENTALLY ILL (do not confuse with 8775 ONLY THE LONELY) 8775 l converse with fire hydrants so just ask yourself 8775 If that picture of some professional model or amateur model suddenly changed to a fire hydrant would keep sending and receiving idiotic messages with it?

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should not exist, these people work with a bunch of fakes profiles, i was scammed big time, and the worst part they don 8767 t care and don 8767 t do anything about it, because after my experience i have became a target for all these marvelous people, i really believe that Match has some type of agreement with the scammers. Please be careful. do not waste your money on these sites , non of them are good. Good luck everyone

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