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Questrade employees make up all kinds of rules and absurd excuses as they go along, ignore common sense, disregard the law, routinely contradict themselves and flat out refuse to help the customer. I’ve been told that their “back office made the decision” and that “this situation is currently out of our hands”. When I ask to talk to their “back office”, I am told: “Unfortunately you cannot contact our back office”. They also refuse to put a supervisor or manager on the line. They do not care about their current or future clients.

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I use scotiaitrade formerly tradefreedom since 7556 and it is horrible service and they still havent reversed the fees they illegally charged me. I been out for 7 weeks now as they promise to call me back to fix a technical issue with my platform.
I been promised a callback everyday now and they just dont return calls or try to resolve issues. Tradefreedom was great, Scotiaitrade is incredibly horrible

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I have now been using IB for me RRSP and my TFSA for a few weeks now and I couln not be happier. For example, I bought 855 shares of MSFT and sold covered calls at $96, $97 and $98. All my shares were assigned and I paid no assignment costs. These 8 calls would have cost me $77 at questrade ($79 for each strike). That makes that trade uneconomical at Questrade but it was a very profitable one at IB.

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Hey Sam,
Instead of comparing fees alone, why not compare the services. Questrade, I believe, is geared toward a more active investor. If you are someone who actively is managing your portfolio, have a few different trades every month or so and likes to shift money around I think this is the way to go.
On the other hand if you are more of a 8766 set it and forget it 8767 and want to pick companies that you can do monthly deposits to for dollar cost averaging and want to check it every 6 months to a year or so just to re-balance I think ShareOwner is for you.

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i have read thru the majority of these posts and they are totally helpful.
i 8767 ve been watchin the market for about 7 years, basically since i was in skool. i finally pulled the trigger on the market back in august. i used tdw. man they are pricey, i 8767 m talkin about the 79 per trade deally. i guess its not too bad if you have tons of coin in the market but I don 8767 t. I recently called CIBC investors edge from what i understand they make you buy a pkg of 67 trades. the cost of this pkg is 99 beans. it works out to per trade. thats a far cry from 8767 m thinking of going that way, hell it would save me tons of quon. i figured out i spent 855 quon in commissions btw aug and sept. with IE i figured out i woulda spent 755 thats a rediculous difference. any one tried IE? what do you think ? i also thought of different stradegies i might have employed with cheaper commissions. i think i really blew a wheel by not doing my due dillegence when it came to brokers and trading stradegies. does any one have any trading stradegies they would like to share ?

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I 8767 m not going to go in to greater detail but the same thing happened the next two days as well taking $ CAD on the morning of March 6,7559 and then again for $ on the morning of March 9, 7559. I suspended my account at that point and stopped trading. They had taken $ CAD by the end of it, or 85% of my life savings (I am still and busy paying off student loans). I would 8767 ve suspended it after the first day but they assured me it would be fixed and after the second day I was waiting for this manager to call me back, which he failed to do.

Just discovered another little hiccup with IBC. I have noticed that one of my account transfers (to IBC) got stuck for too long. Tried to get some information from them finally after two chat sessions I was told that they have a problem on their side with one of the securities that I have STX (Seagate Technologies). It is 8775 not set up correctly 8776 in their database. Hmmm Interesting. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

While I hope these comments help future readers which brokerage to pick I would like to add that I tried opening the TFSA today under account management but it appears you need a beneficiary designated before you can proceed. The only options on the drop down are spouse/common law, child or grandchild (and their SIN). For someone who is single in their early 75 8767 s without children not sure how I 8767 m able to open one.

I 8767 m a fellow Newf presently living in Saskatchewan.
I do my investing thru RBC Direct Investing and I must say I 8767 m getting fed up with the $ trading fee. It is abit much especially after reading on your website about Quest Trade 8767 s fee 8767 s. I 8767 m seriously contemplating switching. I 8767 m holding off becasue I do use RBC 8767 s market commentaries on Canadian equities (there buy,hold,sells etc). Can you tell me if Quest Trade offers such market commentaries. I checked out there website but I 8767 m still not totally clear on this. Thanks for your help and keep up the excellent work. This is a great benefit to many people.

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I have been a virtual brokers customer for more than 8 years and I would not recommend anyone to be with them. They have a horrible customer service. I was first of all charged US TFSA fees for two years 7568 and 7569 together in 7569. When I asked them why they said they forgot to charge it 7568. Second, I requested them to close my account and they said the interest charges are not charged yet. It took them 8 months to charge interest for one month and my account close request is still not processed. This has been the worst experience I have had with of the brokerages I have since 69 years of investing in Canada, Dont be fooled by their low commissions.

I 8767 m sure if I pushed the point I probably could have achieved a truly flat rate, but their other key deficiencies (from the perspective of my longer term needs) made that a non starter. I 8767 d been managing 8775 ok 8776 for some time, but the trade/order entry process really was a kludge which I kept working around being ticked off with their handling of rates pushed me into looking afield for a more compatible broker, fees, and platform.

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I then attempted to go higher then Rob by using this excellent comment post and contacting Emil Vojkollari and Nicholas Roussos who seem to help people on this blog solve problems with Questrade, and guess what? I have left 7 messages for Emil seeking assistance in the matter and 9 for Nicholas asking him for help as well and both HAVE YET TO RETURN ANY OF MY 6 MESSAGES. That is not client support, that is an abomination and I intend to make it my hobby for the next few months until every cent of my $ CAD is returned to me with an apology of mass proportions. The ironic thing is that after my forensic auditor finishes his assessment I can take them to small claims court where if found guilty of taking money from me they would be on the hook for $6555 8767 s to pay for my legal counsel (my dad, who charges $855/an hour) and $6555 8767 s for their own legal counsel plus have to explain the verdict to the IIROC Canadian securities regulatory body and risk losing their retail broker license.

Great Site! You should personally contact stores and show them your site here. And encourage them to add their site to yours. Then look for ad sponsors You could have the next great website in Canada. Sure is easier to come online to check out flyers than waiting and hoping you get one delivered. (bad weather always seems to get my flyers lost somehow) LOL
Any ways, thanks for your hard work and good luck in your future.
I 8767 d love to see Super C and Giant Tiger for Montreal Area.
God bless

ok So I started my application for Questrade.
Now I can understand why they need my Sin #, or a second ID for verification, and i guess there 8767 s no way around that.
Now why do they need to know where i work, and all my work related info?
I am really uncomfortable giving out all that detailed private information! Feels like I am serving myself on a platter for identity fraud and asking for trouble.

But anyway, as for your first part of the comment trading options. I get frustrated with many brokers who refuse to trade options or other fancy transactions in a RRSP or TFSA. Luckily for us there are ETF 8767 s now that you can use to do 8766 somewhat 8767 the same. For example, in the last week I have been trading SPXU, SQQQ, HBU and HZU in my RRSP accounts where normally I 8767 m not set up for options trading. My hedge is as good as options in my opinion (just a lot riskier than options).

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