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After a few days of not talking, we started talking again. Our conversation became more intense (personal things.) He asked if I would visit and I agreed. So one weekend I went to his place, he cooked for me every meal and we watched movies all day. Sunday morning came and before I left I asked if this was going anywhere. He told me that he didn 8767 t want to invest the time in anyone because he was dealing with his mom 8767 s death and her belongings.

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I am or maybe now, was seeing a guy. We met a year ago but nothing happened more than the odd coffee as friends until a month ago. He text me out of the blue asking me out on a date. We went to dinner and it went really well, this followed with another coffee the next weekend then the following I stayed at his, nothing intimate happened apart from some kissing but we did share the bed. He introduced me to his friends and neighbours and it seemed all to be going well. After initially putting in a bit of effort he has completely stopped texting me, I am not one to chase someone, and am not a big texter myself but I am really noticing the lack of communication and its driving me crazy, is this a sure sign he 8767 s lost interest? Its been over a week of no contact. GUY opinion please??

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Spend more time on yourself, ignore him for awhile. If he responds, ignore his texts for like two days. He 8767 ll eventually respond if he 8767 s still interested. If he doesn 8767 t respond for lets say a month, call him, ask him what 8767 s wrong and if you think he 8767 s worth it give the rel. time. If not cut him off completely. I don 8767 t know about you but if someone does not give reason for their absence and is beginning to give one worded answers i 8767 m annoyed to the extent of cutting them off. Please note however that if you come in contact with them be polite.

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Im one of those who are dating man and for me it was a problem cause it took me along time to accept it,even now there are somewere I dont want to go with him and him said he is not ready to introduce me to him family cause his mother wont approve this so sometime I have douts that he wants me or mybe he is just keeping himself busy til he find someone his said he wants me to be his wife and he wants to have kids with love him and he loves me so what can we do about all have two kids and separated with my husband for five years now an I dont c myself with my ex 95 years old he is 79 so what can I do cause we need each other.

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Hi Tegan. seems like this guy really cares about you but he is trying to speed up the break up process. And the only thing I can advise you to do is to end it with him in good term. The fact that you want to work things out with him over the summer is antagonizing for him since your practically making it sound like you are playing with his emotions. to make it simple, he sees it this way 8775 if you cared to be with him, you would not let him be alone 8776 . I am not saying your cruel but based on what you explained, that seems to be the case with him his point of view.

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What I 8767 ve learned or what I believe is, if you have to even ask yourself if this guy is really interested AND you can even say IF YOU EVEN have to say you feel like 8775 he 8767 s not into me, 8776 then the guy more than likely isn 8767 t. I know some men will try to say no no that 8767 s not true but it is, when a guy really wants something hell even if it is just sex, he WILL go after it with all he 8767 s got. When he doesn 8767 t, [you, it 8767 s fill in noun] just meh to him and if its meh he won 8767 t bother really making any real effort.

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I meet this guy online we went on two dates and he seemed to really like me. So i decided to invite him over to my house for lunch. The day before i had text him to ask him if the plans were still happening and he said he will definitely come at the time we had agreed. On the day of the date he never came i text him to ask if he was still coming he never replied and i tried calling him twice he never answered his phone. I am confused, i don 8767 t understand what is so hard about letting a person know that you cant make it.. Also he only ever texts me he never calls me , when he does text me and reply he wont text me back after that or he will text me a couple of times after and he goes quiet Is he leading me on and making a fool of me.. I have never been stood up before and treated like this by a man

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Must say I 8767 ve seen the light. Loved these articles and realized we as women go over the moon and back for men. What for? We are the prize. Act like it. Why be reduced to whether a man calls me back or doesn 8767 t ever call me back. If he didn 8767 t appreciate my feelings and sensitivity, then he 8767 s not the one. Ain 8767 t gonna change how I feel about myself anymore and that 8767 s the level we must stay at. Nope, didn 8767 t give it up but almost was in that trance zone, and was STILL shook up. Not anymore, reading these comments changed that. Thank you Ladies.

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help me~(SHOULD I TEXT HIM?) i met him at work and we became close enough! many thought that we were couples. i knew that he is intrested in me and lately im having a crush on him. we chat through facebook whole day but last week i got fired and he told me he would leave the work too cause i amnt gonna b there. he WROTE FEW MSGS TO ME BUT LATER on he didnt he liked my facebook post but no msg! what to do now?

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My boyfriend broke up with me because he found a picture of a guy friend on my phone that my girlfriend sent me and i forgot to delete it but i didn 8767 t want it on my phone, i don 8767 t like my friend like that, and he said that we 8767 ve been fighting lately. He said that time would be the best thing for us and that he wants to get back together and that he will always love me. Then he went to church camp and when he came back he said he made a promise to God that he wasn 8767 t going to date for 6 months to a year to try to get closer to God, which i understand and im happy for him doing this. Lately he 8767 s been ignoring me or been short with me and i found out that he 8767 s been texting other girls. How do i make him want me again? I 8767 m just afraid he 8767 s going to move on and date another girl after those 6 months or whatever, but he said that he has a feeling that we will get back together. HELP!

totally back off of him and let him come around to you. i know this is easier said than done but this is the best way. giving someone space after the fact allows them time to cool off and understand their own feelings to be able to act on them clearly. if you hover around and try to push for an answer that pressure will breed resentment. if he doesn 8767 t come back around then let it go. yo can 8767 t force a persons feelings. if he does then good luck just be clear about your intentions. and Facebook is not the real world. people say stuff on there all the time. however if your gut is telling you something is not right then follow it and move on. why would you want someone who isn 8767 t being clear with you?

My ex husband has always been on several sites at once and even lies about his age on them. He said he wants to reconcile with me. He said he deleted, or couldn 8767 t delete his POF profile BUT I come to hind out he just HID the profile. Doesn 8767 t matter how loving I am. He lies and lies. I 8767 ve already talked to him about it, ad nauseum, and he said I was 8775 losing my mind 8776 . He 8767 s deflecting his BS on me so I left, ad nauseum. Everytime he got caught he blamed me. Your thoughts please.

Some women here are saying if after one text there is no reply, the number is deleted and they move on. Others say they keep texting and feeling more frustrated until they send the angry messages I would say to just send the nice ones, and stop when you feel the need to be rude or angry. That 8767 s your signal that you 8767 ve reached the end of your tolerance. Keep your self-respect.

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Soz, yeh i wasnt talking about that of course men check their phones to see if someone has call or text, but i think girls seem to read into it a lot more than guys, like a guy may look at his phone 8775 oh no text 8776 put it back in pocket, girl is like 8775 omg! no text, have i got signal? is my phone broke? whats he doing why hasnt he replied, does he like me?! maybe i should text again etc 8776 get my drift?

Okay well Eric can you help me with this I really like this guy and he told me he had feelings for him and I told him the same but now like he never texts me I 8767 m always the one to text him and then sometimes he just stops out of no where he calls me babe and everything is this something I should be worried about am I overreacting should I not text him anymore for a while or what please help me

To Nicole: I 8767 m not an older guy, sorry 🙂 but I hope my advice will help. It sounds like you don 8767 t even really know this guy, so you may just be going by how he 8767 s acted before. If he acts shy, it could be that he 8767 s just nervous about initiating conversation. But I think if he really wanted to talk to you, he would just do it. Do you know him well enough to know if he 8767 s not the 8775 player type 8776 or not? The thing is, I 8767 m not sure why he 8767 s not replying exactly, especially because he 8767 s checking the app, but not talking to you. You can text him hi, but if he doesn 8767 t reply, just go on with your day. If he continues to not text you, just go on with your life. He may be shy, but do you really want a guy that 8767 s too scared to even talk to you? In that case, it would probably be time to just move on. Hope this helps 🙂

Please Help! My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month now and he doesnt text me! he has a phone, I know he does, because he only texts if i hav texted his more than once. And at school, he doesnt talk to me. I mean, he acts like we are dating but he doesnt truly talk to me. We have never had a true conversation! and it kinda hurts to think i dont mean enough to him to text me. or even call me! what should i do?

7. I 8767 ve ignored him for a few days because I needed to breathe too lol, anyway the following day later I was forced to talk to him because we were actually scheduled to meet (we are in a LDR) he was excited to hear that I 8767 m here and he asked me where I 8767 m and I told him. Later on he said he wanted to meet me and just the two of us together spending time talking and he said he wants to hug me. Obviously I didn 8767 t quite agree to that even though I know that might be a chance for us to reconnect but I felt it was wrong since he said he has a gf and that would kinda be cheating so i told him off and suggested to meet outside with him and his gf cause I 8767 m totally fine with meeting her and him together. But he said it 8767 s impossible because he only want the two of us to meet.
*additional note: He was trying to have sex with me because he always used to tell me hes crazy about me, even after the breakup he still insisted in having sex with me.*

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