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I am not silken raven, obviously. However, I thought that I might respond as you seemed a bit worried. I know (I remember!) that being in the midst of teen years can be confusing, it is certainly a time of great change, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I just wanted to say that from your posts it seems like you already have your answer. You asked for a sign and you got one. Try saying thank you and honor the animals that have shared with you with your gratitude. In my experience different animals come up at different times. It looks like vultures are hanging out during this time of transformation. If I were you I would ask for the vultures help in your meditations and act as if they are your spirit animals for the time being. Go easy on yourself. Practice being grounded and surrounding your self, and others, with light. There is great beauty in feeling mother earth under your feet and the vulture swinging in the sky above you. All love. Xx

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Hi everyone ! I 8767 ve got Jupiter-Pluto in aspect in my personal siganture, opposition to be exact. Spectacular endings en beginning have always been a part of my life. This time, my children are off to live with their dad. He 8767 s actually coming for the move next saturday. Natal jupiter is in my 5th House. I knew this would be coming, there 8767 s nothing you can do just accept, my kids wanted to go live with their dad for a change. That means I 8767 ll see them 7 weeks a year since we live quite far apart. This is the major change But yeah, there is an upside to this shift I 8767 m going to be 8775 free 8776 for other ventures Uranus is currently transiting my 5th house opposing my natal Uranus and in conjunction with my natal Chiro in the 5th. Considering Jupiter in Scorpio? I 8767 ve already enroled in a training to become sound therapist, so energy healing and harmonisation. I know this will also be important personnaly as part of my path to healing and letting go of the past and going through my mourning. Jupiter in scorpio will be on the verge of entering my 67th house when I start the training which is running for a year

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Degree of Romance: There can be a high degree of romance in this combination, although it is likely to be felt by the Leo man more than the Taurus woman. Tauruses are suspicious of romance, putting it in the b t category of pretense and melodrama, so the lady bull will have to play along.  She may actually discourage him if she is too down to earth.  If she lets him prance and dance a little bit, it will bring out the best in him.

I also lack the telltale Taurus jealousy. It doesn 8767 t even really bother me when he flirts, glances at or talks about attractive women (he is human after all, and I do the same with men) because he 8767 s never crossed a line with anything like that and we always laugh it off. I give him enough room to breathe and he always comes back to me with all the love and kindness that he 8767 s always had towards me 🙂 He knows the things I am stubborn about and unwilling to budge on and never tests that and I do my best to support him and never wound his pride.
So maybe other signs in our chart match up enough to overrule the sun signs?lol I really hope we can overcome that any and all obstacles that come our way because he is truly the most wonderful and amazing person I 8767 ve ever met.

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People also have asked online why the conception date isn 8767 t used instead of the birthdate. One astrology website said that 8775 the practical answer 8776 is that the birthdate is easier than the conception date, unless you have well-documented sex life. 8775 The scientific answer 8776 is the result would be the same, 8775 only offset by 9 months. 8776 The 8775 metaphysical answer 8776 is that you 8767 re not a fully formed person until your disagree with that one you living/breathing on your own has nothing to do with the timing that zodiac signs are based on. Besides, babies have personalities in the womb that show after their birth they might not be able to do anything physically in the womb, or outside until they 8767 re old enough to talk and walk, but they do have a mind of their own.

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I must share this storey. My husband of 65 years walked out. Presented divorce papers that would not work for me at all. I hired my own attorney. I was in the shower when my attorney called. Her message was we have a court date, if you want to back out we have to do that ASAP. I had all of the butterflies all over again. I walked out to go to work. I saw, in the historic oak tree that we wed under, at least 95 buzzards in the tree all looking down. I live in the county but don 8767 t usually see any in my yard. The next day I saw a few in other trees and by the third day I did not see any. I followed through with the court date. It went well. It was my daughter that allowed the buzzards were there to tell you to go ahead, it 8767 s OK. We will clean up the mess.

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There is something (opportunity wise) that your missing ,, the vulture will if not already invade your dreams ,, you need to look can on your life since this all started and see what the reoccurring theme is here ,, pay attention to what has just happen or what 8767 s on your mind when these sighting and encounters take place in the future.
It will click when you get the message ,, it won 8767 t be somthing your wondering if type thing it will be like a light bulb went off,, after that moment you will no longer have these close encounters but perhaps 6 to signify closure..
All the best

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Many of the traits of the Griffon Vulture are the same as most other vulture species. Their white heads are significant in that they represent communication with the Creator. They are a go between the spirit and the natural world. Their message also has a lot to do with community and group activities. I would suggest that you pay attention to the message in the quotation box and apply spiritual connections and group activities to it. See how that fits with the answers you are seeking.

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7 days ago, as it was a daydream, I envisioned a huge man sized vulture. It 8767 s head was quite a bit detached but it was still on the top of the body. It 8767 s head was only attached by a very thin piece and the head itself was turned to the left but jutting out from the body. Its body had a straight and stately pose. I have never even dreamt about a bird before let alone a vulture. Could you shed some light on this symbol. Thx, ann

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How to Attract a Leo Man as a Taurus Woman: Leo men are looking for a loyal subject. You must appear to be adoring of him and shower attention while still making yourself a royal prize. He is looking for dignity and regal bearing. By all means be loyal. Don’t talk about him disparagingly to his friends. Praise and support him in their presence. And come from your heart with warmth and affection. Leo men value openness and lack of subterfuge.

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I 8767 m a Taurus woman still in love with Leo man who has broken my heart. Everything stated is true. But it wasn 8767 t always like that. It was amazing in the beginning. He couldn 8767 t wait to marry me and I was so excited and in love. But he started a new job and then suddenly he had no time for me or is. His style changed, he stopped talking to me which made me hurt and angry. He made promises and never followed through. He strung me along with 8775 things are just transitioning, I love you and want to marry you lets go look at rings! 8776 Then he tells me that I 8767 m no longer what he wants in a partner or wife. He wants to focus on his new job but when he 8767 s ready to get married and have a family I 8767 ll probably be too old to have kids, so I 8767 m no use to him. I 8767 m 87!!! What did I do to deserve this?


PTBaker, it is time to cleanup the yard. Remove all dead trees, tree stumps, dead or decayed branches and dead leaves from the yard. Cut back any overgrown plants to help bring in fresh air and sunshine. You are probably busy inside the house, taking care of your husband. Hire someone or get friends and family to help with this huge task. Doing these things (from a feng shui perspective) helps the health and wellbeing of all residents living inside the home.

For most of my life, I have rarely seen turkey vultures. Then this past summer, I woke up to find 8 of them in my driveway. There was one that was obviously the dominant one it was the one doing all of the the eating at first. The others kept a safe lookout and guarded him while he/she ate. Eventually, the three of them spread out, with one on tope of my house and one on each on the neighboring houses. At this point, I was able to go outside and sit on my back patio while the vulture on my roof looked down at me. There was no sense of fear of aggression it just watched me. There was this sense that it felt in no way threatened by me, knowing it was so much more powerful than me. After a few minutes, it took off.
Since then, I see vultures very frequently. There is even a huge pack of them that tend to roost in this one tree that I pass on my way home from work. They fly over my car as I pass them.

Sex: Sex can be pretty good with this combination. Leo is a very generous lover who prides himself on his “performance.”  It has been said that you have never been loved until you have been loved by a Leo man. The famously passive Taurus can just sit back and enjoy the extravagance.  There is a quality of basking in his attention that you will never find from another sign. He may admire your toes, eyelashes, and the curve of your shoulders with expressions of true delight and spontaneous rapture. This is a lot of fun.

I 8767 m getting that the hawk in this case is a sign of insight , the current situation in your life you must keep an eye on , either situation or person(s).
The eagle represents freedom , courage ,spiritual growth and self renewel , over all things may seem a little bland at the moment but your on a good path ,
I hope you continue to lift yourself up above everything and live for yourself while not forgetting others that helped..

It 8767 s great that you 8767 re see the signs and connecting with the Turkey Vulture. You must realize that first and foremost that Spirit/Source/God/ Universe is always watching over you and you 8767 re being guided to the highest good. It 8767 s clear that the Turkey Vulture has come to you as such guidance. I often associate Turkey Vultures as 8775 something has changed. 8776 A panther may be your Spirit Animal, but that doesn 8767 t mean other animals will not come in to life to guide you. What you must first realize is that no one but you will have the clearest answer for what they 8767 re trying to tell you. Therefor, you need to meditate and let the Turkey Vulture come to you in that space and let you know of it 8767 s message. There are lots of guided meditations for communicating with spirit animals on youtube. Lastly, don 8767 t give away your power, you as much as anyone else has the power to communicate with your spirit animals & guides.

I had been up since 67 am distraught and weak from crying over my situation. I had been betrayed for 7 years. I walked outside on my back deck and was just crying. I looked up and saw a vulture in the maple tree. It was all by itself. Then, it flew down and on top on my neighbors work she 8767 d. It was now, maybe 75 feet away from me, watching me. My dog just watched us. She is a guard dog, the minute anything gets in the yard she goes nut. But she just sat their and watch the vulture and myself. I wasn 8767 t sure if a vulture could or would attack a person. I didn 8767 t want to find out. I turned around and opened, walked to the back door, open the door and started to walk inside. I heard it move. I turned around and this time it was maybe 5 feet away from me on the deck railing. It was just looking at me and I was just staring back. I don 8767 t know how long we were like that. It eventually turned a little, looked back at me and flew away.

When my husband and I were married almost 67 years ago, we went to Orlando and California for our honeymoon. In the Orlando resort we stayed at, we walked into our room on the first day and opened the curtains, to let some light in and there sitting on our windows ledge, was a vulture. We were about the 65th floor up and in the middle. We were there 7 weeks and it stayed outside our window the entire time. We could always tell which was our room from the outside because the vulture was there. We tried several times scaring it away, but it wouldn 8767 t move. We even asked the resort if it was a part of the resort or if it 8767 s nest was there or anything and the resort said they had never seen it before and the room cleaners didn 8767 t report it being there when they clened the room before we checked in. The hotel staff even tried scaring it away, but it always came right back. We went to California for the remainder of our honeymoon (we did Orlando Disney and California Disney). We came back to Orlando to head home and the vulture was gone. For curiosity, we went into the hotel and asked when the vulture left and they said the day after we left, it was gone too.

My son is 66 years old. For his entire life, vultures have flown over him whenever he is outdoors. He plays baseball and they always are flying overhead even while he 8767 s on the field. There won 8767 t be a single one in sight and as soon as he goes outside to do something, they show up. Sometimes they sit on our barn roof watching for him. This has literally occurred since he was about 7 years old. We 8767 ve always joked with him about it and tell him that his 8775 friends 8776 are here! It 8767 s very strange.

This morning when I went out of the house to feed up, I looked towards my husbands shop, and in the trees closest to the shop there was 78 buzzards, There was 9 in the tree next to our house, and 8 in the trees directly behind the house. Seeing all those buzzards at one time gave me a very uneasy feeling. They allowed me to walk close enough to them to see that they all were facing the house. They just sat there, not being afraid of me at all. Do you think there is a message of some kind there? My husband has a lot of serious medical issues going on, could be bad, we are waiting on tests results from the neurologist right now. He has also had prostate cancer, had surgery for that.