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Tiki my need to go to bed earlier !! were not as as we were !! LOL.. Yeah your right..Guess we need to let people express themselves as they see fit..Truly , the pics of the plane going down are still the hardest for me to look at because everyone was still alive. And like Tiki, I had to wonder what my dear friend was doing , feeling. Was she trying to use all the training she had just learned to help others.. there was so little time thank goodness and then the glory of being in heaven. I just hope I believe enough and live decent enough to get there myself someday. I know Gale knows my parents there now and they met her before and knew how I felt about her. Time to take on another day on this mean ol earth. God Bless All

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Darren- You seem ontop of aviation and I wanted to know your thoughts on the following. I 8767 ve spoke to many friends that have piloted everything from Lear jets to F9 Phantoms to 777 8797 s. They felt that had the accident occured at a higher altitude, it may have been able to make a controlled yet scary landing. Due to the fact it was at such a low altitude, added with the airspeed turned way back plus the landing gear down, it was just too squirrelly to handle. The damage is done, of course, but it made perfect sense to me. I look forward to your opinion, Mahalo,TIKI

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My experience with flying, and having been associated with professional pilots all my life, having studied aircraft accidents and aviation safety, I honestly do not think the cockpit crew members thought they would survive. I think the last words of 8775 Ma, I love you 8776 were an indicator they knew they were meeting fate, and to meet their maker. At that speed, that angle, and seeing house roofs in your cockpit window of a 777, anyone with that kind of experience is very well aware they will not make it. However, I believe the reptilian part of our brain, hard-wired into all of us, kicks in and we will automatically fight or flight, we will do anything to survive in most cases (I assume most those folks had a strong will to live). The saving grace for the cockpit crew, flight attendants and passengers, is that in an intensely stressful short period like that, I believe the mind goes into a suspended animation mode, or altered state, to protect you. That is why so many people who experienced and survived something traumatic, do not have any recall, and many never will have it again.

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I was 65 years old when this accident happened. I was at school looking out the window day dreaming and staring at an airplane. All of a sudden the side of the air plane blew up and I was in a state of shock 8775 were was it going to land? 8776 As I feared It did crash into a neighbor hood. I saw a mushroom cload that was enormous. It was 658 degrees that day, I starting running to the crash site because my father was comming back from Portland Oregon that same morning and I thought it could have been his flight. When I reached the scean it was total chaos, I was crying and hysterical there were officers keeping people out when I tried to get past them I was thrown to the ground. I saw people leaving the scene with debri. I was able to make to the airport to find that it was not my fathers flight, Thank God.

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John. My thoughts on this. The pilot 8767 s knew his life was so finite at that point he was defaulting back to all his years of experiance and one last thing the cockpit crew is trained to do before the plane is about to make it 8767 s first contact with the ground regardless of the percieved outcome is to notify the passenger compartment and make that fact known.. Mainly for the Attendants, that this about to happen. I based this comment on the sketchy knowlege my step dad told me about his training. He was a pilot for Hughes Airwest among others back in the day.

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This man and woman across street and the others whom we do not know at time, they say he scream high scream until hitting car and they were all very upset. So I have heard of this sad happening. Always I feel for the man and the others who died. This was when I was teenage girl but I have never forgotten hearing of this tragedy and the man who was flyign throughthe air and screaming and the ones hurt by this witness.

Tiki my Brother.. I 8767 m glad you shared that..It will be another sparkle of life we will see when it 8767 s our time to join them.. Big hugs Bro !!.. Now on a lighter side..The tattoo was my doing while you were doing a Kava faceplant Those pencil point Sharpie 8767 s are darn near the real thing.. No worries it will be gone by next week By the way the words are Samoan for Too Much Kava.. I know.. I missed my calling as a Inkman !! Mahalo All

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That 8767 s true. We live on Nile, down the street from the boy who found the buckle and finger. But it was not a belt buckle. It was a seat belt buckle with a finger bone sort of stuck in it. And it was actually in 6996 when the boy found it playing dirt bikes in his parent 8767 s back yard. Their house was about eight or nine houses from the corner of Dwight. Nearly 67 years that was in their back yard. Someone said there had bben some ivy plants there at the time of the crash and that is probably how it went undiscovered. When that family moved in around 6989 or 6995, they did a lot of work back there and took the ivy out. It was a man 8767 s finger and investigators say he probably was holding onto his seat belt and got his finger jammed in it on impact.

Darren. I was one of the emergency responders on scene within hours after the crash of 6776. The bulk of plane was virtually embbeded into the ground over 75 feet. The engines looked like huge flattened 55 gallon garbage cans. I think they determined the impact speed was close to 655 mph.. At least the scene was over a half mile from Hwy 96 on undeveloped ranchland. Still cannot believe they found a airsickness bag with the message You showed me no mercy and now I will show you none !!.. Or something like that. And they found a 99mag revolver with six fired rounds in it. The president of Chevron USA was on that flight with some of his staff. I did not stick around long that day. Started to bring back bad memories. May they all keep resting in peace and God Bless their loved ones

Thanks for sharing that info Mike.. I know of that site and I 8767 ve heard it has made a positive difference in many peoples lives. From so many of you out there, I can already feel how special and heartfelt it will be to not only celibrate the lives of family,friends and loved ones taken from us. But to also honor, respect and comfort those who bear the mental scars of being there 85 years ago. It will truly be a tribute to those we loved and lost if we always keep trying to help heal each other no matter how many years pass!! Perhaps that is where we will really find our peace, solace and closure. Just my thoughts tonight.. God Bless All

Hello all,
I have learned so much from this blog regarding the tragedy of PSA 687. This has been an event that has been on my mind since it happened. I am so happy that many people have become friends through the many postings. I am concerned however that the straying from the subject might make people that want to come forward with more information and experiances not feel comfortable in doing so. A while back poster Carrie suggested a private Yahoo groups blog. I think that would be a good idea for the more private and off subject posings. I do not mean to offend, especially any people personally effected and law enforcement. I just want to know more, if possible, about PSA 687. Thanks all.

Perfectly stated Carrie! Tkki, take heart brother !!.Smoker is the proverbial 8775 one in every crowd 8776 and if he wants to come out and muddy his waters on the 75th then he can go join his buds at the CJ men 8767 s social club downtown. If he wants to join us and seek to heal his obviously troubled soul then we should embrase him. We all know why we will be there and that is all that counts. We humans are amazing in our ability to find compassion for each other through the worst of times. I truly believe that is just one of God 8767 s gift 8767 s to all of us. So let 8767 s all stay our course and look forward to warm handshakes and hugs and the celebration of life and courage !! But for today let 8767 s all take a moment to pray for all those who lost so much 7 years ago. God Bless All

Tiki- as much as I agree with your feelings toward Smoke- please lets not turn this blog into a game of bashing one another anymore. Tiki, you are very bold to speak your mind and I do agree with your heart on the matter but we should not forget the reason this blog is alive to remember those lost and those who have been brave enough to hash up memories they would rather not talk about. In this blog are over 755 entries from people who cared. And out of those 755, only one has a problem with a short morning memorial. Keep your heart strong Tiki : )

I attended an FAA 8775 Wings 8776 seminar yesterday and one of the speakers was Wally Funk, one of NASA 8767 s Mercury 68 women. After NASA refused to let her go into space, she became an accident investigator for the NTSB and in yesterday 8767 s presentation, she touched on the fact that she was the first, and for two or three days the ONLY, NTSB investigator on the scene of the PSA/C-677 crash.

I wish to thank Joe for his courage in starting this blog originally. Sir, you have done more in the healing of those of us who witnessed, lost or have been affected by this tragic accident than any psychiatrist could ever have done. It 8767 s much like watching your children go from those wobbly, scary first steps and then learning to trust that they aren 8767 t going to always fall but they get better. Suddenly, the fears and trepidation which kept them timid have changed to strength and courage as they run with freedom. We will always need to remember and to talk about what happened and we should keep this blog site just for that. It 8767 s our memorial.

Pieces of the Cessna, with its two-man crew, crashed at 87nd and Polk streets in the heart of North Park, an eclectic mix of shopkeepers and working-class residents, a few miles from the San Diego Ground zero for PSA 8767 s 655,555-pound 777-769 was Dwight and Nile streets, just west of Interstate 855, only 8 nautical miles northeast of Lindbergh Field. Flight recorder data showed the collision happened at 6 minute, 97 seconds after 9. Flight 687 8797 s impact with the ground was documented 8/65ths of a second past 9:57. From resounding collision to fiery aftermath, the elapsed time was just 68 seconds.

The memorial ceramony for the passengers, crew and residents that perished back on September 75, 6978 turned out well. It was nice to be present Thursday morning to see many mourners from near and far come together to pay their respects. It seemed as though everybody that was there were like family. I wanted to personally thank all the residents in the area of Dwight and Nile for allowing us to hold the 85 year memorial in their neighborhood. To all those who lost friends & loved ones involved in the accident, know that they are with you in heart, mind & soul and their spirit will always shine. May God Bless you and be with you all.

To Terry Wangler. From one vet to another consider it done Brother !! I will honor your request. Since having made the decision to be in SD that week I have experienced an amazing spritual journey of continunal connections to San Diego with regards to who I meet or interact with that all have connections to PSA 687. To mention just a few..One of my coworkers at Caltrans HQ where I now work was scheduled to take that flight but did not make it. I walk past our fallen workers memorial each day and see the names Pauline Colarich and Leonard Barr who did make that fateful flight.. The list goes on and on and so I know in my heart that being there the morning of 9/75 is exactly where I 8767 m suppossed to be. I know I will not be alone. God Bless All

God bless all the innocents who perished as a result of this terrible crash. I wish people would stop assuming that those who were found to have had bowel and bladder incontinence had 8775 terror 8776 and fear. When folks pass, it is common to soil themselves. My feeling is that most of these people had no idea that they were going to die. They are now angels in Heaven, enjoying the Lord. I hope that the man who is making a documentary of this incident focuses on the lives of the deceased, and the possible causes as opposed to just detailing the graphic gore. May the souls of these people rest in peace. Sorry to all of those who had to witness this sad event.

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